Downtown Sydney

A small walk trough mall between King and Pitt St

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2 Responses to Downtown Sydney

  1. Julie says:

    Read your comment on Lachezar’s blog. Whaddya mean Sydney’s beaches are boring?!!? And you have been here 22 years. Well actually, I would not know as I have not been across the water as yet. Shall try to recify that in 2011.

    This monochrome is just great. I like how you chose these two fairly laidback folk. The whole thing works so well. You would like Sean’s “Instant in Time”. Were you once in the CDPB community? I think I visited your blog not long after I joined them.

    Have a good twenty ten.

  2. Keith says:

    ha ha ha Julie, I never said the beaches were boring…. just the sand :)

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