Turbine Computer

Back in 2000 people were starting to modify their computer cases I was reading all these posts about how many fans they had in their case So as joke I thought why not have just one real big fan. I had a 12v car radiator fan in the shed but didn’t want to ruin my main case

So this is the resultpic
pic pic pic

Case: 20 litre tin can

Fan : 12v 80w car radiator fan

PSU : two old AT supplies stripped (no fans/cases)
fitted under motherboard tray (second to run car fan at 5v & 12v)

Hardware : old junk I had laying around
AT motherboard
AMD 133 (socket 3)
32mg ram
264mg hdd
2mg pci graphics card
ISA sound card
network card
3.5 floppy

OS : Linux (redhat 6.2)

pic pic pic pic pic

sorry about poor pictures

The fan normally runs at 5v and is about as loud as a small fan heater ie. not to bad but at 12v you would need to be using headphones and the wind out the back can be felt over 8m away. At 12v the fan really works the second psu, I had 5 high intensity red leds in the case for mood lighting (looked good with the evil red glow)these were running off the fan supply and they really dimmed down when on 12v (I swapped them to the other supply but forgot the resistor and burn them out ) there is a lot of hot air coming out of the psu area at the rear on 12v
. The case doesn’t roll around as the weight is centered and low. I know the hardware is old crap but it was free it was all found in rubbish piles that people were throwing out. The tin cans (2nd used for the lid as it sits over the hole) were found at the rear of a panel beaters. The comp parts from an old parcel cubing system at work. The 2nd psu and motherboard tray parts were from a 386 computer found in the rubbish on a loading dock The only parts I had to buy were – piano hinge for the lid – old car air cleaner case to get the lid latches – 4x 3mm leds – 3x switches Total cost less than $20.00 The slowest part of the job was drilling the holes in the back as each hole had to be drilled 4 times from pilot to full size because the tin is very thin and would have ripped with the large drill. This case was only done to see if it could be done and I didn’t want to stuff up my good case putting the fan on the side of it as the air flow would have been all wrong, Thats how I got the idea for a tubular case with good air in and out. I was going to put it in a beer keg (I had one all lined up) but when I found out they are made of stainless steel I backed out of that idea (my hand tools would not cope)

The only tools used were
screw driver
marker pen
grinding and sanding atachments for drill
soldering iron
wire cutters
pop riveter
vice grips.

From this ………… to this

pic pic

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